Real Estate is best tax saving investment in 2019

As an investor you must be looking for the investment breaks that not only help you save your tax but also generate tax free income. Right?

The recent cuts in the Taxes and changes in Job acts has transformed the dynamics of the profitability from real estate investment and our finances too. The news is mostly covered on the new changes and the drawbacks associated but those who keep educating themselves knows that there is positive financial opportunity also, therefore, act on the newest breaks.

If you are also planning to make an investment, you are on the right direction to save your future. We would suggest you to consider the best property from the signature of Godrej Property, the Godrej Aqua Residential Apartments.  

Godrej Aqua Hosahalli
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli

Godrej Aqua Residential Apartment At Hosahalli Bangalore

Before heading down to the benefits associated with real estate investment for saving tax, give some time to know about Godrej Aqua Residential Property. The Luxury residential apartment, Godrej Aqua redefines the concept of affordable homes. With world-class developers contouring the private unit and the entire plan, Godrej Aqua is a stance changing venture. Godrej Aqua apartment is a high-rise residential building spread in sprawling 300 acres of the land parcel to offer world class living inside and out. It is beautifully designed to have more greenery within, with lesser construction area to leave more open space inside it. It is a creation for like-minded people with minimal apartment inside the projects. The attractive landscape garden designed to captivate the inhabitants and configuration of the condo is planned to have proper sunlight and ventilation. Furnished with all modern amenities for the new age urban lifestyle, Godrej Aqua brings in the royal touch of the friendly environment along with the richness of luxury living.

Godrej Aqua
Godrej Aqua

Now, rundown the reason how real estate investment is tax benefiting.

Lower capital gain tax: Capital gain taxes are considered better in comparison to regular taxes on your income. Investing in real estate you have to pay lesser taxes on your capital gain. For short term capital gains i.e. when the property is sold before within three years of its purchase there is no such special tax benefit. You are charged for tax according to the bracket under which you fall. But holding a property for more than three years will give you long term capital gain which involves lower tax rates, o% to 15% sometimes.

Depreciation: Residential real estate is an asset like any other assets that depreciates over time. Depreciation is like an allowance given for the wear and tear on the property. It is charged in different years for commercial and residential properties. It is far-fetched benefit to the investors. Even for small breakdowns we can deduct depreciations, though property values go up overtime.

Use exchange 1031: Section 20131 of the internal revenue code helps you to postpone paying taxes. An investor can use code 1031 to sell a property and use the gains to buy another one of equal or greater value. This way paying tax is deferred until the next property is sold, you can use the exchange code again if you want to.

There are numerous tax benefits on real estate investment. It totally depends on the investor and how he uses the real estate investment to the best of his advantages. Before investing in Godrej Aqua Apartment by Godrej Properties learn the right way to invest and it is good if you take the help of expert to help you save more money.


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